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Welcome to Wood Fire Ovens QLD – specialists in wood fired pizza ovens.


Our Genuine Italian stone based Wood Fired Pizza Ovens make for great entertaining, with Family and Friend, Cooking your own Woodfired Pizzas and Delicious Roasts – why not have one installed today or DIY your very own Pizza Oven
Now available Woodfired Oven Trailer Hire-see catering page for details

Our genuine Italian wood fired pizza ovens make for the ultimate cooking experience. Our Italian ovens are very versatile, not only can you cook a variety of flavoursome dishes but it makes for a terrific fireplace as well. DIY pizza oven kits are available along with our assembled pizza ovens manufactured here on the Sunshine Coast for Australian conditions.

Our Italian stoned based pizza ovens are very economical to run, using only 4kg of hardwood per hour. With heating time approximately half an hour.  A good pizza requires very high temperature and this is what our pizza ovens deliver constantly. No pizza trays needed, the pizza doughs are placed on the volcanic stone base producing a crispy textured pizza every time. With cooking time of delicious pizza’s only 3-5 minutes depending on the temperature. The size of our ovens allow for cooking up to eight pizzas at a time. Very efficient to run, using a lot less timber than other wood fired pizza ovens on the market. A wood fired pizza oven delivered by our company will be cool to touch on the outside,and so safe to use around children.

An original Italian wood fired pizza oven will let you get creative with your cooking and make tantalising meals with the authentic wood-fired flavour – So don’t let the name limit your food adventures. As well as being indisputably, the only way to make the perfect pizza, our pizza ovens will cook a delicious roast and impart beautiful aromas to any ingredient.
There are many techniques and recipes that will guarantee an unbeatable depth of flavour and send that unmistakable scent wafting through the air to tease your neighbours. Why not replace the gas-guzzling flames of the BBQ with an economical and safe alternative?

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