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Our genuine Italian wood fired pizza ovens are a stunning feature for your entertainment, outdoor area.

We are a family run business that is dedicated to producing the best quality and value¬† woodfired pizza oven that will last you a lifetime. The secret of our success is in the imported Italian parts near Florence in the Tuscan hills which is known for it’s good supply of volcanic clay. There our ovens are handcrafted in the factory by this unique volcanic materials only found in this region. Therefore producing a high quality product. There are many other ovens on the market but nothing compare to our Italian Stoned based Woodfired pizza ovens.

Versatile and very efficient to run our wood fired pizza ovens produce not only the best tasting pizzas but also roast meats & veges, whole bake fish, scrumptious garlic prawns & Red claw and crusty loaves of bread. They cook with that lovely wood fired flavour and in a very short time. The average roast which takes normally one and a half hour in your conventional oven will only take 45 minutes. There are many wood fired recipes out there but you need to experiment with your own oven and your own ideas.

Your very own outdoor kitchen that can be used all year round. The joy and experience that you will receive from your Italian wood fired pizza oven will be enjoyed for many many years to come.

We have a demonstration pizza oven at our factory to allow you to experience the wood fire pizzas before you buy.

For further information or to receive our free info kit, please email us at sales@woodfireovensqld.com.au

The greatest reward we can receive is a recommendation of our Genuine Italian Wood Fired Pizza Ovens to your family and friends.

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