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Q. How long does it take to heat up?
About 30 – 35 minutes and it is ready to cook.

Q. How hot does the outside of the pizza oven get?
It does not heat up — we had an oven at the EKKA on constantly for 10 days and it was cold to touch at any time — all the heat stays in the oven.

Q. Is the cooking floor self cleaning?
Yes — just put the coals over the whole floor when you finished and brush it off next day.

Q. How much timber do the wood fired pizza ovens use?
About two pieces of timber — very dry hardwood (4kg) per hour.

Q. What is the estimated life time of the wood fired pizza oven?
If you look after the oven, a life time.

Q. What are the pizza ovens made of?
The inside shell is made from volcanic clay from the Florence region in Italy and the floor from specially sourced Italian clay with a very high alumina content for excellent heat transfer & retention, then there is ceramic wool for the basic insulation and most important there is a 200mm thick concrete & vermiculite insulation around this giving the perfect insulation & heat retention.

Q. How can you tell the temperature?
Our exclusive electronic thermometer tells you the temperature, it should be between 300 and 350 degrees Celsius.

Q. Has the pizza oven been tested & is it burned in?
All our finished pizza ovens are burned in to 1000 degrees Celsius and are only accepted if the this temperature is reached any oven NOT archiving this, is rejected This guarantees performance for many, many years to come.

Q. Can the pizza oven be moved if you move?
YES, our pizza ovens are built on a fully floating concrete slab with proper transport holes.

Q. How many pizzas have you cooked with the same oven?
We have cooked more than 5000 pizzas in the same pizza oven, as we sell pizzas at our shows, you can cook approximately 12 x 8″ pizzas at one time.

Q. What size should the pizza oven be?
If the pizza oven is too small you cannot cook your food properly, it will burn and if the pizza oven is to large, you are wasting a lot of energy. We have done a lot of experiments & trials, and believe very strongly that the best compromise is an oven with 100cm inside diameter. So we recommend & sell only our 100 size.

Q. Where does the wood go and where do I start the fire?
The fire is started on the inside. Left or Right side with hardwood timber, twigs, pine cones and newspaper. (No fire starter required).

Q. Does it have a door?
Yes, comes with a black metal door. Only used when cooking breads or when you have finished using the pizza oven.

Q. What kind of stand do I need for my pizza oven?
A metal stand, a Besser block stand or a Hebel stand depending on the model.

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