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OT_SeriesVesuvio OT Series ovens represent the most complete and fast answer for all the installations “ready for operation” whereas times and costs are predetermined since the beginning. These pizza ovens are octagonal shaped, externally finished with elegant and fire retardant paints. The internal structure of the VESUVIO OT series is the same of GR series, as well as the several internal sizes of the backing floor with their metal closing door. The usage of high-tech insulating materials, allows the perfect insulation and the constant working of each model

The VESUVIO OT series are conceived to be easily moved wherever you need, thanks to the special joints and fork lifting points. OT series ovens, together with GR series ovens, are the best solution for:

  • A fast installation
  • Low ownership costs
  • Optimum heating response
  • Perfect and uniform baking
  • Easy starting and long time temperature keeping
  • Simple maintenance
  • A dramatic wood saving

For more information or a detailed fact sheet on the OT Series, please contact us at sales@woodfireovensqld.com.au



vesuvio_serieGRThe new professional oven series GR, assures you the highest reliability for all kinds of uses and performances.

A good structure and experience allowed the realization of an oven which, thanks to it’s ideal line and a careful choice of the materials employed, is able to express the maximum of the professional nature.

Oven Features:

  • Cooking floor made of refractory “COTTO” It allows an easy installation and a perfect leveling thanks to the modular and shaped composition of the tiles.
  • Crown external to the floor, made of refractory concrete with high content of alumina, composed of fixed joint elements, besides a module of the mouth, arch-shaped including drought hood.
  • The perfect bending of the crown, it’s correct balance with the floor and the mouth’s opening, together with the highest quality of the materials employed, allow a uniform heat’s distribution, a constant and homogeneous cooking, with an outstanding wood saving.

For more information or a detailed fact sheet on the GR Series, please contact us at sales@woodfireovensqld.com.au



Thanks to the passion, the constant research and the centenarian experience in the production of refractory materials, our Italian ovens invented the IGLOO, the first and unique transpiring oven.

Technology put the service of taste.

Igloo_SeriesThe innovative feature of evaporation is due to VALTEX, our new transpiring mortar, used for the main insulation of the oven’s crown. Valtex is composed of a mix of macro porous silicates which, by exploiting the principle of the moisture’s saturation, is able to eject towards the outside the moisture produced during the baking. As a matter of fact, by discharging the moisture, the heat produced by the fuel is fully exploited to heat the ovens inside.

Moreover IGLOO is equiped with a baking floor made of refractory “cotto”, composed of the best Italian and foreign refractory clays.

Thermal power, transpiration and an outstanding thermal yield allow a perfect and balanced baking of pizza, both on top and at the bottom.

IGLOO has several advantages: flue saving, general higher performances, both concerning the preservation of the temperature and its duration, with certain positive affects on the product which results more fragrant and tasty.

For more information or a detailed fact sheet on the IGLOO Series, please contact us at sales@woodfireovensqld.com.au

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