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Our DIY kits are a suitable job for any handyman to construct, if you can mix concrete, then you are well on the way to be able to master the art of putting together your very own Italian wood fired pizza oven. First you need to choose the area for your wood fired pizza oven. We advise close to your kitchen and patio area, so it is convenient to use.

The kit comes in modular form, Pre casted four sections for the dome that interlock easily, four sections for the cooking floor, the manifold flue cover, then mix together the concrete component and shape the oven to your desired style. Finish your wood fired pizza oven with a coat of textured paint, the colour of your choice,
tiles or mosaic stone, for the ultimate finish. DIY Kit ovens comes packed in a wooden create and can be delivered all over QLD or collected from our factory.


The Deluxe Kit Includes……

clip_image002And no other company can supply all of this:

  • Volcanic Clay Shell
  • Ceramic Fire Blanket
  • Volcanic Clay Floor Tiles
  • High Performance Fire Cement
  • Volcanic Clay Flue Cover
  • Small Mesh Holding Wire
  • Decorative Brick Arch
  • 200 Litres Vermiculite
  • Stainless Steel Flue
  • Polished Granite Shelf
  • Steel Door
  • Stainless Steel Flue Hood
  • Commercial Electronic Temperature Gauge

As well as an…….

Italian Pizza Cook Book with full detailed Instructions, personal service, installation back up & secret Italian Pizza Recipes!

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