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Your Pizza Oven can be any way you like it ……

It’s Your Entertainment….

There are so many possibilities!


Your very own woodfired pizza oven at your backdoor/patio area, entertaining made easy. A good family outdoor oven to satisfy all your cooking requirements in one convenient size, FVR100 (1 meter inside).

Only one residential model is available, FVR100 assembled wood fired pizza oven, but can be finished in a variety of styles.

All pizza ovens require a stand for a base either a metal stand, a Besser block stand or a Hebel stand. Please email if you require plans for bases or stands.

An area 0f 1.5m x1.5 m  needs to be allowed for your pizza oven space.

The fastest way to get your pizza oven working, ready to go and just start COOKING!

Comes complete, tested and prefired in at 1000 C and outside finished in your design, coloured rendered or tiled marble finish. Then simply put it in place by a crane or forklift.

OR… we build it for you professionally on site……..Please email for a quote.

For further information or to receive our free info kit, please email us at sales@woodfireovensqld.com.au

Assembled Oven

FVR100 Assembled Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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Custom build on site

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